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Select a Buyer's Agent

Select a Buyer’s Agent

When shopping for a home it is usually best to work with a Buyer’s Agent as opposed to driving around calling the “for sale” signs in the front of houses or searching online real estate sites that are not the most up to date sources.

By law, the Listing Agent represents the Seller and the Seller only. They will usually try to obtain information from you that could seriously affect your negotiating power – it’s almost like going to court and you are freely giving up pertinent information to the other parties’ attorney – not smart! Our agents can represent you as a Buyer’s Agent so that when you are writing the Offer to Purchase (Purchase Agreement), it is written in your best interest and not the seller’s. In most cases there is very little cost to you for this service if any at all – usually the seller pays for the commissions and may cover parts of your closing costs.

* In some cases the Listing Agent can represent both parties – they are called Dual Agents – be sure to ask us about the Laws of Agency.

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