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Marketing Your Home

Marketing Your Home

Above & Beyond Traditional Marketing When selling your home, look no further than us.

  • Professionally marketing and selling property is our expertise. Our agents all have a deep understanding of the real estate market and can expertly price your property to help the seller find the highest possible offer in a timely manner. Vision Realty Centers’ agents are skillful negotiators who interpret complicated financial statement, pay attention to their clients’ needs, and weigh or anticipate other factors that can make or break a deal. Call us today to arrange a meeting with a listing agent.

Why list with an agent? Advertising costs money.

  • Marketing real estate takes time, and time is money. Effective marketing requires expertise and knowledge. Listing with an agent prevents common mistakes. As your fiduciary representative, your best financial and personal interests are number one. We surpass traditional Realtors by utilizing not only the multiple listing systems, but your property will be marketed on the Internet, print media, social media, and presentation materials.

Exclusively from Vision Realty Centers… Interactive Websites

  • For our listings, we build a website specifically tailored to your property to showcase all of its wonderful features! This excellent marketing tool used by our top real estate agents features a professional spokesperson narrating the highlights of the property.
  • Virtual tours are also included in the interactive websites we build for the properties we market.
  • All of the websites also include a map of what’s nearby the property, payment information, information on area schools, and contact information to make it easy for potential buyers to see the property and submit offers.
  • The website of the home opens access to all of the key features of your home twenty-four hours a day for anyone searching for a home.

Listing Syndication

  • We aggressively market your home ALL OVER the Internet, in addition to the MLS!

World Class Marketing Department

  • The marketing department implements innovative marketing campaigns to maximize exposure and value for our properties we advertise. The marketing department creates professional brochures and flyers in order to get your home sold in a timely manner. We do everything from build websites for listings, create QR codes for advertising properties, help with branding and positing, designing custom yard signs, mailing out “Just Listed” postcards, and so much more!

Professional Photography Presentation is Everything! People are Visual!

  • Researchers tracking the eye movements of subjects who looked at online home listings found that more than 95% of users viewed the first photo – the one that shows the front exterior of the home – for a total of 20 seconds.
  • The first picture = #1 most valuable piece of marketing for selling your home
  • VRC Listings Stand Out!
  • A quality photograph of your home generates more views online, brings higher offers, and will sell faster!

Quality is Our Standard

  • We are available to you seven days a week to coordinate showings and schedule appointments. We will set a schedule of open houses as frequently as you allow us to hold them. Once your property is shown, you will receive updates on all activity and progress regarding your property. You can depend on us to do all the necessary research and verify all potential prospects are pre-approved. We will use the highest negotiating skills to obtain the best price that the property will command.

From our family to your family, let Vision Realty help you…