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Preparing Your Home For Sale

Preparing Your Home For Sale

See Your Home Through the Buyer’s Eyes

When it’s time to sell, you’ll want to think of your property in a different way… See it through the prospective buyer’s eyes. The bottom line is: Buyers want move-in condition!

Exterior:“What can be done to enhance my property’s ‘drive-by’ appearance?”

  1. Take a look at your home from different angles (buyers will!).
  2. Spruce up the landscaping. Cut and edge grass, clip shrubs and sweep walkways. Be sure to clean up after your pets.
  3. Repair or replace missing downspouts. Repaint if needed.
  4. Wash windows inside and out. Replace broken glass and screens. Power wash outside walls to get rid of spider webs and muck.
  5. Organize the garage and all out buildings. Make sure door opener is in safe operating condition. Keep garage door closed.
  6. Remove bikes, wagons, skateboards, and all clutter from the front of the home. Clean out the gutters.

Interior:“How can we create a warm, well-maintained image?”

  1. Remove clutter and depersonalize the home.
  2. The kitchen should be immaculately cleaned.
  3. Choose neutral and conventional colors. Fresh paint goes a long way!
  4. Clean the fireplace
  5. Floors should sparkle and vacuum carpets.
  6. Make all necessary repairs to the home.
  7. Clean and organize basement. Dispose of items you don’t need.
  8. Check ceiling for leak stains and make the necessary repairs.
  9. Fix any damage and repaint where it is necessary.
  10. Replace or remove items that will not be included in the sale (e.g. Chandeliers, drapes, etc.).
  11. Tidy up all rooms.

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